Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars



Pole Star

The location of Pole star (or North Star or Polaris) appears fixed as seen from the earth's surface. It lies approximately overhead when seen from the poles of the earth. It can be tracked with the constellation 'Ursa Major' as shown in the figure. 


Motion of moon and stars in sky

Why moon appears following us? Have you ever realized that ? 
The moon doesn't follow us it appears that it is following us because the distance between us on earth and moon is very large as compared to the other objects on earth, so whenever you are moving in a car or walking on road from which ever angle you will see the moon it will appear to be at the same place and as you are moving, it appears to follow you.
Sometimes watching night sky we realize that shape of moon keeps on changing as well as its position keeps on changing.This happens because earth is moving and moon is moving around earth with different speeds.
The shooting star which we see in night sky is actually a meteor (heavenly body), which when enters the earth's atmosphere catches fire due to friction from air.