Understanding Graphs and Basics of Distance-Time Graphs



Pie Graph

Pie chart gives the clear idea about maximum and minimum quantity of things which are under consideration For example the given pie chart gives the distribution of type of land present in a particular area on the basis of quality of soil.And it is easily visible that maximum availability is of cropland that is 43 %.


Introduction to Distance-time graph

  • Draw two perpendicular lines to represent the two axes and mark them as OX and OY as in Fig.
  • Decide the quantity to be show along the x-axis and that to be shown along the y-axis. In this case time is along the x-axis and the distance along the y-axis.
  • Choose a scale to represent the distance and another to represent the time on the graph. For the ┬ámotion of the car scales could be Time: 1 min = 1 cm and┬áDistance: 1 km = 1 cm.
  • Mark values for the time and the distance on the respective axes.
  • Now you have to mark the points on the graph paper to represent each set of values for distance and time. The set of points on the graph corresponding to positions of the car at various times.
  • Join all the points on the graph as shown in Fig. It is a straight line. This is the distance-time graph for the motion of the car.
  • If the distance-time graph is a straight line, it indicates that the object is moving with a constant speed.