Understanding Laws



Unpopular and controversial laws

Sometimes a law can be constitutionally valid and hence legal, but it can continue to be unpopular and unacceptable to people because they feel that the intention behind it is unfair and harmful. Hence, people might criticise this law. When a large number of people begin to feel that a wrong law has been passed, then there is pressure on the Parliament to change this. 
Various municipal laws on the use of space within municipal limits often make hawking and street vending illegal. No one will dispute the necessity for some rules to keep the public space open so that people can walk on the pavements easily. If the law favours one group and disregards the other it will be controversial and lead to conflict. 


Applicability of laws

All persons in independent India are equal before the law. The law cannot discriminate between persons on the basis of their religion, caste or gender. What the rule of law means is that all laws apply equally to all citizens of the country and no one can be above the law. Neither a government official, nor a wealthy person nor even the President of the country is above the law.