Uneven Heating Between Poles and Equator



Uneven Heating of Land and Water

In summer, near the equator the land warms up faster and most of the time the temperature of the land is higher than that of water in the oceans. The air over the land gets heated and rises.This causes the winds to flow from the oceans towards the land. These are monsoon winds.
In winter, the direction of the wind flow gets reversed; it flows from the land to the ocean.


Uneven heating between the equator and the poles

Regions close to the equator get maximum heat from the Sun. The air in these regions gets warm. The warm air rises, and the cooler air from the regions in the 030  latitude belt on either side of the equator moves in.These winds blow from the north and the south towards the equator.
At the poles, the air is colder than that at latitudes about 60 degrees. The warm air at these latitudes rises up and the cold wind from the polar regions rushes in, to take its place. In this way, wind circulation is set up from the poles to the warmer latitudes.
The winds would have flown in the north-south direction from north to south, or from south to north. A change in direction is however, caused by the rotation of the earth.