Water - Structure and Physical Properties



Physical properties of water

Some physical properties of water are: pure water is colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid, it freezes at 0C and boils at 100C under 1 atm pressure. Water is a non-conductor of electricity and heat. The density of the water at 4C is 1 g/ml. Water is neutral to litmus.


Structure of water

Water has three dimensional structure in which central oxygen is bonded to two hydrogen atom.The hybridization of oxygen is .


Hydrogen bonding in water and ice

In water  hydrogen bonds are formed between two Hydrogen  and electronegative Oxygen atom, the bonding is intra molecular Hydrogen bonding because it is formed between the hydrogen and oxygen atom which is present in same molecule.


Boiling point of water

Water is a polar, universal solvent. Liquid at room temperature and boils at .


Freezing point of water

The freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or zero degrees Celsius. The freezing temperature of water also equals the melting temperature of ice.


Uses of water

Water is used for photosynthesis by plants, drinking, bathing, washing, cooking by humans and also in industries.


surface tension of water

The cohesive force between liquid molecules is responsible for the phenomenon known as surface tension. The molecules at the surface of water do not have other water molecules on all sides of them and hence they cohere more strongly to those directly associated with them,