Water-The indispensable part of life.


Domestic conservation

  • As an individual, everyone can reduce the water loss by using a bucket of water than  by taking a shower, using low-flow taps, using recycled water for lawns, home gardens, vehicle washing and using water conserving appliances.


Importance of water resources

  • Rivers, lakes, wells provide water for agriculture and for drinking water.
  • The dams are constructed on the perennial rivers and water is supplied to the areas where there is scarcity through canals and pipelines.
  • Different industries are developed on the coastal areas like fishing industry, ship making and ship breaking industries, salt industry, import and export industry etc.


Other water resources of Gujarat

1. Pirotan Island in the Gulf of Kutch in Jamnagar district is famous for Kalu fish which gives oysters (from which pearls are found), Octopus and Dolphins are also seen here.
2. The biggest wind farm of Asia is situated near the coast of Okha and Lamba of Jamnagar.
3. Valuable electricity is produced through wind mills in Mandavi, Kutch.
4. Valuable fish like Whale and Shark visit the coasts between Okha and Veraval during the winter.


Conservation of water resources

1. The ponds, old step wells near villages and cities should be made deep enough so that maximum water can be stored.
2. More trees should be grown to increase the underground water level.
3. The water treatment plants should be setup so that the polluted water from the industries could be reused to stop the wastage of water.
4. Water should be used carefully.


Importance of water

Water is used bathing, drinking, washing and cooking purposes. It is highly important for the existence of living beings.