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Acids, Bases And Salts

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Introduction of Acid, Bases and salts:
What are acids, bases and salts? What are their properties? Here's an informative video to answer all your questions:
Acids and Bases and Salts - Introduction | Chemistry | Don't Memorise
5 mins
Applications of pH
pH may seem to only have applications in the laboratory while determining the acidity and basicity of any solution. But did you know that the pH has a lot many applications in the real world? Check out this colourful and informative video to find out more:
pH in Everyday Life | Acid Bases and Salts | Don't Memorise
4 mins
Does a salt always mean NaCl or table salt ? Or are there other compounds which can also be called salts?
How are the salts formed? What are their constituents and properties? Check out this video to satisfy your "salty curiosity"
What Are Salts? | Acids, Bases & Alkali's | Chemistry | FuseSchool
6 mins