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Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers

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General properties of Alcohols
Alcohols are organic compounds containing -OH functional group. They are compounds which have varied applications all around. Many synthesis reactions involve the use of alcohols. But what are key properties that differentiates an alcohol from other organic molecules? Check out this video to know more:
What Are Alcohols? | Organic Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool
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Acidity of Alcohols
What's more acidic alcohol or water? What about phenols? You will get answers like this and more in the video:
Acidity: Crash Course Organic Chemistry #11
12 mins
Hydroboration Oxidation Reaction
The hydroboration oxidation reaction is an organic chemical reaction which is used for the conversion of alkenes into alcohols. The mechanism involves a two-step process which includes a hydroboration step and an oxidation step. Hydroboration oxidation reaction mechanism can be considered as an anti-Markovnikov reaction where a hydroxyl group attaches itself to the carbon which is less substituted.
Watch Professor Dave talk at length about hydroboration and oxidation reaction:
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