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Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers

- Are you feeling tough. Let us make it extremely simple.
Acidity of phenols:-
Analysis of previous years papers show that acidity of phenol is an important topic from the exam point of view. So, what's more acidic : Alcohols or phenols? And why? Check out this amazing video to know better:
Why is phenol more acidic than ethanol ?
3 mins
Chemical reactions of Phenols:- Chemical Reactions are often very difficult to remember and organic reactions even more. Here is a video that highlights all the important reactions of phenols to make you exam ready:
Video 8: Physical and Chemical Properties of Phenols
5 mins
Ethers:- For any organic chemical, physical properties are as important as the chemical reactions. Ethers are no different. To uncover the physical properties of ethers, watch this super informative video:-
Properties of ethers
5 mins