Types Of Questions
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Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers

- Wondering what kind of questions that can be asked in next exam? Here you go
Very Short Answer Type Questions 1mark
Write the equations involved in the following reaction.
Williamson ether synthesis.

Write IUPAC name of the given compound:
Short Answer Type Questions -I 2marks
Give the structures and IUPAC names of monohydric phenols of molecular formula, .
Short Answer Type Questions - II 3marks
How does ethyl alcohol react with the following? Write equations.
(i) Metallic
(iv) at
Long Answer Questions 5 marks
Give equations of the following reactions:
(i) Oxidation of propan-1-ol with alkaline solution.
(ii) Bromine in with phenol.
(iii) Dilute with phenol.
(iv) Treating phenol wih chloroform in presence of aqueous .