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Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids

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Functional Groups Simplified
On the one hand, you have carbonyl compounds. And you have carboxyl on the other. Plus, there are so many different functional groups... Hydroxyl, Alcoholic, Ester, Ether, and so on. Here's a fun video to master the different functional groups in one go, and it's super interesting we bet! This video will also help clear confusion about the structures of different functional groups.
Hydrocarbon Derivatives: Crash Course Chemistry #43
9 mins
Dr. D Explains Carboxyl Groups, Quick and Easy
The properties and reactions of carboxylic acids rely on the carboxyl group. If you master the structure an nature of this group, understanding concepts like acidity of carboxylic acids, their properties and reactions will be easy. Here, Dr. D explains all you need to know about carboxyl group.
Carboxyl functional group explained! Why is it acidic??
7 mins
Lab Tests for Aldehydes - Simplified
With so many tests for aldehydes, it's easy to get confused with the results of these tests and the reason behind them. Here's a video that presents all the tests beautifully along with the related concepts:
Tests for Aldehyde - MeitY OLabs
6 mins
Finally, Lab Tests for Carboxylic Acids
Check out a few lab tests for carboxylic acids along with their reactions in this short and crisp video.
Tests for Carboxylic Acids - MeitY OLabs
4 mins