Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids

- Want to test your higher order thinking skills? Practice HOTS from this chapter.
How quick are you in finding the correct sequence of reactions if an unknown compound is given? This unknown compound is treated with to form B and C. Now, can you find these unknown compounds when some characteristic reactions of these compounds are given to you? Let's try by solving this question.
Can you say how many hydroxyl groups are present in a compound with known molecular formula? When this compound (with the hydroxyl group) undergoes acetylation with acetic anhydride, it gives another compound. We have the molecular weight of the other compound given. Let's attempt this question to understand-
Can you identify the order of reactivity of a given set of compounds towards acid-catalysed esterification reaction? Try this question, to find out:
Can you tell me which one is more acidic, or ? Let's solve this question to understand.