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Alternating Current

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To learn about impedance of various components and their behavior at different frequencies of alternating current:
Out of the resistor, capacitor and inductor, the impedance of the capacitor and inductor also depends on the frequency of the current whereas the resistance is independent of it. At very low frequency, an inductor behaves as short circuit whereas a capacitor behaves as open circuit and vice versa.
Impedance vs frequency
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Best way to understand the meaning of power factor:
The beer analogy is the best way to understand the power factor and the contribution of the true power and the reactive power. These two combinedly gives the apparent power. All three lead to the formation of power triangle which is explained here in the video.
Power Factor Explained - The basics what is power factor pf
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To understand the mechanical analogy of the LC oscillations:
LC Osciallation-Mechanical Analogy
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To understand the working, construction and application of the transformers:
Construction, Working and Applications of Transformers
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