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Biodiversity And Conservation

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Types of Biodiversity
Genetic diversity, species diversity and ecological diversity are the three important levels of diversity. Go through the provided video to have a better understanding of the three diversity.
Biology Biodiversity & Conservation part 2 (Genetics, Species, Ecological Biodiversity) class 12 XII
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In Situ and Ex Situ Conservation
Biodiversity can be conserved by two methods - in situ and ex situ. In situ conservation is the conservation of biodiversity in their natural habitats whereas ex situ conservation is 'off site' conservation, that is away from their natural habitats. Watch this video to understand more about in situ and ex situ conservation.
NEET Biology Ecology : Ex-situ and In-situ Conservation
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Importance of each Species in an Ecosystem.
All species are connected in one way or another. The loss of one species could harm the environment in more ways than we can imagine. This video is discussing about biodiversity and why is it important.
Why is biodiversity so important? - Kim Preshoff
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