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Biodiversity And Conservation

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Species Diversity at Various Latitudes
Here is a trick to memorize the pattern of biodiversity.
In polar regions, most of the area is covered by ice. So the abundance of people and other living organisms will be very less. Relating this with species diversity, we can say that polar regions have less species diversity.
At the same time, tropical and equatorial regions have enough temperatures for the growth of humans and other organisms. Thus more humans and organisms can be found in the tropics compared to polar regions. Relating this with species diversity, we can say that tropical regions have more species diversity.
Causes of Biodiversity Loss
The accelerated rate of loss of biodiversity is due to human actions. The major causes of biodiversity loss are overexploitation, climate change associated with global warming, anthropogenic pollution, habitat destruction, and invasion by alien species. This gif will help you picture and remember these points more easily.
Species Richness and Species Diversity are NOT the Same
Species richness is the number of species in a community. Species diversity, on the other hand includes a measure of number of species in the community and a measure of the abundance of each species. Clear your concepts on species richness and diversity through the given image.