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Biological Classification

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Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Fungi occupies a special position in the five kingdom classification. Infact, kingdom Fungi is the 5th kingdom that Whittaker added to explain the five kingdom classification. Do you want to learn about the characteristics of this kingdom in an amazing way? Well, presenting before you this amazing video on fungi which will help you learning about kingdom fungus in a fun way!
Introduction to Fungus | Microorganisms | Biology | Don't Memorise
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Protozoans are single-celled organisms belonging to kingdom Protista. They come in many different shapes and sizes ranging from an Amoeba which can change its shape to Paramecium with its fixed shape and complex structure. Check this video to know about them.
Introduction to Protozoa | Microorganisms | Biology | Don't Memorise
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Viruses, Viroids and Lichens
Do you know that viruses, viroids and lichens are not given any place in five kingdom classification? Yes it's true. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and they depend on their host machinery to survive.
Viroids are like viruses but without a protein coat.
Lichens are actually two organisms (algal part and fungal part) living in a symbiotic relationship.
Well, let us understand all of them through this informative video.
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