Real Life Applications
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Biological Classification

- Do you want to know how the things you study are applied in the real world. Let us explore
Benefits of Cordyceps militaris - A Recent Discovery
Can you think of any food item that can give you tons and tons of health benefits? Well, you will be surprised that one such food item is a mushroom which is basically a fungus. The name of this special mushroom is Cordyceps militaris. The benefits have been recently discovered and all its benefits are scientifically proven. Check this image and see what all wonderful benefits it possesses.
Useful Bacteria and Yeasts
You might think that microbes like bacteria and yeasts have no good role to play in our lives. But, it is wrong. Without these organisms life will not be as it is now. Check this video out where you will get to learn how these microbes help us.
The beneficial bacteria that make delicious food - Erez Garty
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Diatoms belong to kingdom Protista. These diatoms have a unique characteristic that they have siliceous cell wall. These diatoms vary in different shapes and can be used for art. Yes! it is true. Some people collect different diatoms from different places and arrange them in particular position to create unique designs. Isn't it amazing? Check this video to explore the beautiful masterpieces created by the diatoms.
These Kaleidoscopic Masterpieces Are Invisible to the Naked Eye | Short Film Showcase
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Bacteria in Biogas Production
Do you know in ruminants, methanogens digest food to produce methane? Well you might be knowing that but did you know that this phenomenon is exploited in real life to produce methane gas from organic waste. This gas is called biogas and can be used for many purposes. Check this video out to find about biogas plant.
How does Biogas Plant work..!
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Fungi: Friends or Foes?
Fungi growing on bread really disgusts us, right? But won't you be surprised if you come to know that some fungi provide us with various benefits? Well, yes that's true. Check this video out to find the uses of fungi.
Uses of Fungi
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