Memorization tricks
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- Finding difficulties in memorizing things? Let's learn it in some easy ways.
Essential amino acids You can recall the names of essential amino acids just by remembering one sentence: "Any Help In Learning These Little Molecules Proves Truly Valuable" Just use the first letter of each word in the sentence.
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Structure of amino acids

Remembering structures of amino acids is very important, yet confusing. Here's a very useful video to remember them easily.
How To Draw Amino Acids Structures | Learn Mnemonics
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Water soluble vitamins Water soluble vitamins are vitamin B and C. Since vitamin C does not have further classification, it's easy to remember. But vitamin B has 9 different kinds, and remembering them is tough. To remember vitamin B, we just need to memorise one sentence and keep the first letter in mind: "Thomas & Richard Never Played PubG But Football & Chess"
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Now, these names by themselves are very difficult to remember. You can use this awesome video with some great visual mnemonics to remember the mind-twisting names of these vitamins:
B Vitamins easiest way to remember them! Mnemonics!!
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Fat soluble vitamins Do you remember the song Eena Meena Deeka? If yes then you can never forget fat soluble vitamins!
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