Previous Year Questions
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- Practice previous year questions to get a better idea of the CBSE exam.
Define the following terms with a suitable example of each:
(a) Anomers
(b) Essential amino acids
(c) Denturation of protein
(i) Which one of the following is a polysaccharide: Starch, maltose, fructose, glucose,
(ii) Write one difference between helix and pleated sheet structures of protein.
(iii) Write the name of the disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin .
(i) Which one of the following is a disaccharide : Starch, Maltose, Fructose, Glucose?
(ii) What is the difference between fibrous proteins and globular protein?
(iii) Write the name of vitamins whose deficiency causes bone deformities in children.
Define the following terms:
(i) Glycosidic linkage
(ii) Invert sugar
(iii) Oligo saccharides