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6 min read

Current Electricity

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Drift Velocity and Mobility of Electrons:
Drift Velocity and Mobility - Physics Animation
3 mins

Kirchhoff's Law

Ohm's law cannot be used to solve the circuits having multiple loops and components. In order to solve these circuits, Kirchhoff gave two laws. The junction law and the loop law. The two of Kirchhoff's law can be understood easily by the video below:
Kirchoffs Law
5 mins

Wheatstone Bridge

A Wheatstone bridge is very useful in simplifying the complex circuits and obtaining the required data for a circuit. The Wheatstone bridge can be understood more efficiently by the video as shown below:
Wheatstone bridge & its logic | Electric current | Physics | Khan Academy
14 mins

Use of a potentiometer to determine the internal resistance of cell:

Potentiometer : Internal Resistance of a Cell - MeitY OLabs
5 mins

Use of potentiometer to compare the emfs of cells:

Potentiometer : Comparison of EMF - MeitY OLabs
6 mins