Patterns of problems
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Current Electricity

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Pattern:Graph-based problems for Ohm's Law,
Description: Ohm's law states that the current in a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its ends.
Question can be asked
1. To determine if the conductor is ohmic or non-ohmic.
2. Question related to determining the resistance.
3. Determining the conductor with higher resistance while comparing between two characteristics.
4. Question-based on change in one parameter due to another.
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Pattern:Circuit problems based on KCL and KVL
Description: The KCL and KVL are the two important laws that are used in solving almost all the circuit-based problems in current electricity.
Question can be asked,
1. To simplify and determine current using current law.
2. Circuit problems to determine the voltage drop across any component.
3. Combined circuit with several closed loops to apply KCL and KVL simultaneously.
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Pattern:Problems based on Wheatstone bridge
Description: The potentiometer and Meter bridge are the modified version of the Wheatstone bridge. These are used to determine the unknown resistances.
Question can be asked
1. To determine if the group of resistances from the Wheatstone Bridge.
2. To simplify the circuits to determine equivalent resistances.
3. To determine unknown EMFs in potentiometer circuits.
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Pattern: Problems based on potentiometer or meter bridge
Description: The potentiometer is a modified version of Wheatstone bridge. It is used to determine the internal resistance of a cell and compare the unknown emf of the batteries.
Question can be asked
1. To determine the unknown internal resistance.
2. To compare the unknown EMFs of the batteries.
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