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Digestion And Absorption

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Digestive System Disorders
Surely you must have suffered from acidity or heartburn? Or must have had uncomfortable stomach pain due to unhealthy food choices? Well, all these are disorders of digestive system. Apart from these, there are also some serious diseases of the digestive system. To learn more about the digestive disorders click the story given below.
Digestive Disorders
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Different Chemical Reactions that Occur in the Process of Digestion
The process of digestion of food is aided by enzymes. These enzymes act in different regions of the alimentary canal like in mouth, stomach and the small intestine. Go through the given illustration and understand the action of different enzymes that brings about the digestion of specific components of the food.
Gastric Juices and Enzymes
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Pancreatic juices
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Intestinal juices
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Digestion of Biomacromolecules
The biomacromolecules like carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and fats are broken down in the duodenum and jejunum region of the small intestine. All the simpler forms of the digested food are absorbed in the jejunum and ileum regions. Any leftover undigested, unabsorbed food particles are then passed on to the large intestine.
Have a look at the image below for the detail process of digestion of the biomacromolecules.
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Hormonal Control of the Digestion Process
The digestion processes are controlled by the hormones and the nerves. There is a constant flurry of signals between the brain and the alimentary canal. Hormones control the digestion process by signalling the body at appropriate times to secrete the digestive juices. They also send signals to the brain to indicate being hungry or full. The nervous system, through the brain and spinal cord, controls the digestion processes.
Hormonal Control of Digestion | Role of hormones in digestion
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Neural Control of the Digestion Process
Whenever you see an image like the one below, or you smell something delicious, you start feeling hungry.
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This is because our brain is the control center for the sensation of hunger and satiety. The functions of the digestive system are regulated through neural and hormonal responses. Let's have a look at the nervous control of digestion is depicted in this video.
Neural Control of Digestion | Role of nervous system in digestion
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