Patterns of problems
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Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter

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Pattern: Graphical based question
Description: Some questions may come which are based on the graph. eg: Relationship between photoelectric current and potential, Relationship between frequency of incident radiation and stopping potential
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Pattern: Problems based on Davisson Germer experiment
Description: Davisson Germer experiment explains the wave nature of electrons through electron diffraction. Question may ask: Physical concept of Davisson Germer experiment, To find angle of diffraction
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Pattern: Problems based on Photoelectric effect
Description: The phenomena of emission of electrons from a metal surface, when radiations of suitable frequency is incident on it, is called photoelectric effect. Photons are the packets of energy emitted by a source of radiation . Question may ask: To calculate energy and stopping potential of a photon, current in a photoelectric emission,
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Pattern: Problems based on wave nature and particle nature of photons
Description: Light is not only a wave but also a particle. The photon is now regarded as a particle in fields related to the interaction of material with light that is absorbed and emitted; and regarded as a wave in regions relating to light propagation. Question may ask: To find the momentum, speed and De-Broglie wavelength, To understand the concept of wave and particle nature of matter
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