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Electric Charges And Fields

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Electric Field and Electric Field Lines generated by different point Charges.
Electric field lines arrangement and its direction depend on distribution of charge in space. When two or more charged particle come closer, they disturb their electric field lines, and experience forces on themselves. Let's visualize electric field lines from different types and arrangements of charge.
Electric Fields and Electric Field Lines
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Electric Field and Electric Field lines due to Dipole
Number of electric field lines coming out or entering to the charged particle depends on magnitude of charge. When two equal and opposite charge placed in the space then we can assume, all field lines coming out from positive charge will terminate at negative charge, this arrangement of charge is called electric dipole. Let's understand about dipole and electric field developed by it.
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Concept of Solid Angle
Visualize the concept of solid angle with diverging of light ray through small hole.
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Gauss's Law and its application to find Electric flux and Electric field
Visualize electric field lines interaction with the surface, and learn to apply gauss's law to calculate total flux linked and electric field due to point charge.
Gauss's Law and Electric flux explanation with animation
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