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Electric Charges And Fields

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Superposition Principle
Two charged particles keep close to each other it will apply force, this force can be calculated by Coulomb's law. What if? when more than two charged particles will apply force on another charged particle. Magnitude and direction of resultant force can be calculated by superposition principle.
Superposition Principle (Force Due to System of Charges)
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Electrostatic force between two dipoles
As we know dipoles are very small in size and also it doesn't experience any force in uniform electric field. Do you know what will happen when this small dipole is kept in an electric field of another dipole? Let's understand to calculate force on dipole due to another dipole.
7. Advance Illustration | Electric Force and Electric Field | Force Between two Electric Dipoles
3 mins
Electric field due to finite-length uniformly charged rod
If the size of uniformly charged rod is infinite then we can apply Gauss's law to calculate electric field at any point. what if when the size of a uniformly charged rod is finite? Let's understand method to calculate electric field by finite-length rod at any point.
Electric Field due to a Uniformly Charged Rod (Awesome Method)
6 mins
Electric field due to semi-circular ring
Writing the expression of electric field due to elementary charged particle of the semicircular ring is quite complex. This story will help you get step by step.
Electric field due to semicircular charged ring
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