Memorization tricks
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- Finding difficulties in memorizing things? Let's learn it in some easy ways.

Ohm's Law Triangle

Using this pyramid, we can memorize Ohm's law.
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All the important formulae containing charge, current, voltage, resistance, work, and power can be summarized in this video.
Current of Electricity Formula Memorizing Method
3 mins

Circuit Designing

Designing a circuit plays a very important role in understanding the flow of current and other factors. Few steps to understand the process to design a circuit can be learned from the video as shown:
Circuit diagram - Simple circuits | Electricity and Circuits | Don't Memorise
4 mins
Here is a video to help us understand and memorize the problem-solving techniques for the Series combination of Resistors.
Resistors in Series | Electricity and Circuits | Don't Memorise
5 mins
Let us imprint each and every formula of current electricity in our brain in just 60 seconds!
Memorize ALL Physics Electricity Equations in 60 seconds
2 mins
Let's check out a simple trick to cross-check where the values of current in parallel connections of two circuits are true or not. Current always gets distributed in the two branches in the inverse ratio of the resistances.
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