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Electrochemical Series Many questions in this chapter are based on the products of electrolysis. The products are dependent on the species present in the electrolytic cell and their standard electrode potentials. To solve questions, we take help of a series called the Electrochemical series - it arranges chemical species in the order of their standard electrode potentials. Want to know more about the electrochemical series? Watch the video:
What Is The Electrochemical Series | Reactions | Chemistry | FuseSchool
5 mins
Electrolysis The use of electric current to stimulate a non-spontaneous reaction is known as electrolysis. It can be used to separate a substance into its original components/elements. The process is carried out in an electrolytic cell. To know more about the set-up and working of an electrolytic cell, watch the video:
What Is Electrolysis | Reactions | Chemistry | FuseSchool
6 mins
We know that fossil fuels are present in a limited quantity. A day will come when we will use them up completely. The growing use of batteries is a step forward in that direction. You'll soon see buses, cars, scooter, everything around you running on batteries. But how were these batteries discovered? And are the modern day batteries based on the same principle? Watch this video to find out
How batteries work - Adam Jacobson
5 mins
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Are you curious to know the reason behind hydrogen fuel cell's popularity? Here is a video that may answer a few of your questions:
How does a hydrogen fuel cell work? | what is hydrogen fuel cell | hydrogen cell explain
3 mins