Memorization tricks
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- Finding difficulties in memorizing things? Let us learn it in some easy ways.
For remembering what is oxidation and reduction

Just remember Leo and GER:-
LEO-Loss of Electrons-Oxidation
GER-Gain of Electrons-Reduction
For remembering the polarity of electrodes in a voltaic cell.

Just remember VAN:-
VAN-Voltaic (cell)-Anode Negative
Now as you know voltaic cell has only two electrode, the remaining electrode i.e. Cathode is positive- hitting-two nails with one hammer!

To remember what reaction happens at which electrode:-

Red cat: Reduction at cathode
An ox: Anode for oxidation
Remembering the electron flow in an Electrochemical cell

Just remember FAT CAT
FAT CAT -Flow Anode to Cathode