Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance

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A capacitor is charged with battery, After removing this battery, a slab is inserted between the capacitor. Lets think its effect on capacitance, Electric field, Energy storage inside the capacitor.
As we know, where dr represents small displacement along electric field vector. Lets think how can you find electric field when V is given in x and y co-ordinate.
Let's think on the potential of bigger drop then number of small charged droplets coalesce to form big drop.
To find the equivalent capacitance of arrangement of capacitors some important points need to take care of, Symmetry, identification of common potential points, wheatstone bridge. this points will help you to solve the question given below.
When you arrange number of identical conducting plates in the space, this arrangement can be act as capacitor. To calculate equivalent capacitance, the distribution of charge on its surfaces need to be know. Lets practice below question and find equivalent capacitance of capacitor.
A capacitor is filled with three different dielectric medium, The equivalent capacitance of arrangement of the capacitor can be calculated by assuming three different capacitors connected in series or parallel combination. Lets practice this question.
A parallel-plate capacitor is constructed using three different dielectric materials as shown in Fig. What is the capacitance across P and Q?