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Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance

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Pattern:Electric potential
Description: Potential is nothing but energy possessed by a unit positive charge in field of other charge. It can be calculated by a formula . But in case of linear charge distribution, we can apply this formula for small element of charge distribution then we get integrate for entire charge distribution. Because electric field, charges posses potential , this potential is .
Any uniformly charged object have potential, when you connect two charged object with conduction wire then charged will conduct from one to other until potential of both become same.
Question may asked: Potential at a point due to point charge or system of point charges, Potential at a point due to uniformly distributed charge, Question-based on the relation between field and potential, Direction of charge flow.
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Pattern:Electric potential energy
Description: Electric potential energy is nothing but energy of any charged object possess in electric field of other charge. It can be calculated as , at a point where potential is then it is written as . If you are adding one charge after other and develop any shape of charges then the energy of that charged shape is calculate by integrating the value of work done to bring the small charge from infinite to that surface in presence of charge .
Energy of dipole in electric field is
Question may asked: Potential Energy of system of charge, Calculation of work done involved in changing the location of charge in presence of system of charged particle, Self-potential energy, Work done in changing the configuration of a charged object, Electric potential Energy of dipole in electric field.
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Pattern: Capacitance of capacitor
Description:Capacitance is a ability of capacitor to store electrostatic energy. To calculate the capacitance of capacitors, give a change on one conductor and keep other earthed. if potential difference between two conductors comes , then capacitance will be . Capacitors can be connect in seriese, parallel or mixed combination. Equvalent capacitance in series would be , for parallel it would be . In case of mixed combination, we reduce circuit between junctions if we found series or parallel.
In presence of dielectric inside capacitor, value of capacitance of capacitance change by factor , where k is dielectric constant of medium.
Question may asked: Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor, Spherical capacitor, Cylindrical capacitor, capacitance of combination of parallel plate capacitors, capacitance in presence od dielectric materials.
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