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Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance

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Two identified parallel plate capacitors  and  are connected to a battery of  volts with the switch  closed. The switch is now opened and the free space between the plates of the capacitors is filled with a dielectric of dielectric constant . Find the ratio of the total electrostatic energy stored in both capacitors before and after the introduction of the dielectric.
The figure shown a network of five capacitors connected to a supply. Calculate the total energy stored in the network.
In the figure given below, Find the
total energy stored in the network.
Draw a plot showing the variation of (i) electric field and (ii) electric potential with distance due to a point charge .
(a) Define electric dipole moment. Is it a scalar or a vector?
Derive the expression for the electric field of a dipole at a point on the equatorial plane of the dipole.
(b) Draw the equipotential surface due to an electric dipole. Locate the points where the potential due to the dipole is zero.
(a) Three point charges and are placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle of side as shown in the figure. Obtain the expression for the magnitude of the resultant electric force acting on the charge .
(b) Find out the amount of the work done to separate the charges at infinite distance.
Two point charge and are kept r distance apart in a uniform external electric field . Find the amount of work done in assembling this system of charges.
In the figure given below, Find the
equivalent capacitance of the network between points A and B 
Given : .
In the figure given below, Find the
maximum charge supplied by the battery, and