Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance

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Very Short Answer Type Questions 1mark
Define capacitance of a capacitor and its SI unit.
A 12pF capacitor is connected to a 50V battery. How much electrostatic energy is stored in the capacitor?
Define electric potential.
Short Answer Type Questions -I 2marks
A parallel-plate air capacitor of capacitance has a charge of magnitude on each plate. The plates are apart. What is the area of each plate?
An electric dipole of length 4cm when placed with its axis making an angle of with a uniform electric field, experience a torque of . Calculate the potential energy of the dipole of it has charge .
Short Answer Type Questions - II 3marks
Determine the potential difference across the plates of the capacitor of the network shown in the figure. [Assume ]
A capacitor and a capacitor are connected in parallel across a supply line. Find the charge on each capacitor and the voltage across each of them.
In the circuit shown, a time varying voltage volt is applied where t is in second. At time . determine the current through the resistor and through the capacitor .
Two point charges and are located 16 cm apart. At what point on the line joining these charges the electric potential will be zero?
Long Answer Questions 5 marks
In the arrangement of capacitors as shown in the diagram below, the energy stored in capacitor is E. Find the following
(a) Energy stored in the capacitor.
(b) Energy stored in the capacitor.
(c) Total energy drawn from the battery.
The initial and final stored energy in the capacitor, and ?
A test charge is moved without acceleration from to along the path from to and then from to in electric field as shown in the figure. (i) Calculate the potential difference between and . (ii) At which point (of the two) is the electric potential more and why?