Excretory Products And Their Elimination

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Ammonotelic, Ureotelic and Uricotelic
Animals can be classified based on the types of nitrogenous waste they eliminate from their bodies. The different types are ammonotelic. ureotelic and uricotelic. Here is a video that will provide us with the tricks to remember these different types and their examples.
Trick to remember Ammonotelic, Ureotelic and Uricotelic Animals | Excretion
5 mins
Disorders of the Kidney
There are so many disorders of the kidney that we have to learn. Find this video below and learn all about the disorders of the kidney in a fun way.
Kidney Failure (Mnemonic for the USMLE)
6 mins
Concentration of Urea in Blood
The concentration of urea is not the same throughout the circulatory system. It is highest in the hepatic vein and lowest in the renal vein. Given gif will help you to understand better.
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Afferent and Efferent Arteriole
Afferent arteriole brings in blood to the glomerulus. Efferent arteriole drains blood away from the glomerulus. Confused between afferent and efferent arteriole? Find the gif below to remove this confusion.
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