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To understand the universal law of gravitation:
The universal law of gravitation as explained by the Newton is the force that exists between every body that has mass. This force explains the rotation of the planets around sun, satellite around planets and many other phenomena. Let's understand them in detail in the video shown below:
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
9 mins
Gravitational force and the principal of superposition:
The concept of superposition of the gravitational force occurs when there are several bodies present and each one is acted upon by the several gravitational forces. When there are several forces, the concept of superpositions comes in. It is well explained in the lecture below:
Force of Gravitation and Principle of Superposition
8 mins
Deduce the Newton's law from the Kepler's law of periods:
Newton's Law of Gravitation from Kepler's Law of Periods
5 mins
To understand the concept of the escape velocity for satellites:
Escape Velocity and its Magnitude
4 mins
Total energy and the binding energy of a satellite:
The total energy of a satellite gives the information about the orbit of the satellite and the binding energy is the amount of energy that the satellite should have in order to overcome the gravitational attraction of the earth.
Total Energy and Binding Energy of Satellite
5 mins