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- Finding difficulties in memorizing things? Let's learn it in some easy ways.
To understand the Universal Law of Gravitation:
The universal law of Gravitation is the one of the basic formula of the whole chapter and it is really important to understand the whole chapter as it is required at every point. The formula could be understand really well in the video below:
The Universal Law of Gravitation - Part 1 | Physics | Don't Memorise
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The gravitational field intensity due to the different bodies is different with the position of the point.
The gravitational field intensity for some of the specific shapes at various points can be learnt easily from the image shown below:
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Learn all the formulas of Gravitation using animations and memorize them using visuals:
Gravitation formulas in 10 mins | Gravitation | Class 11 | IIT JEE | NEET | Physics
10 mins