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How Do Organisms Reproduce?

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Asexual reproduction
A type of reproduction where only one parent is involved; asexual reproduction. Though it sounds as a primitive method of reproduction, it exhibits a large diversity in different organisms. Check out the nitty gritties of asexual reproduction and its different types through this video.
What Is Asexual Reproduction | Genetics | Biology | FuseSchool
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The Journey of Pollen from a Stamen to the Ovary
Sexual reproduction in plants start from the formation of gametes; male gametes in pollen and the female gamete in the ovule. But the process is accomplished when the pollen grain containing male gametes embark on a journey from the stamen to the ovary. Check out the very important and interesting journey of pollen through this video.
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
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The Journey of a Sperm from a Single Cell to a Zygote
Our journey of life begins with the process of fertilisation of an egg and a sperm. Sounds simple? It might sound simple, but it surely isn't a simple process. It takes an uphill journey by a sperm to overcome the competition given by millions of its counterparts and finally reach the site of fertilisation to meet the egg. Engage yourself in watching this miraculous journey of a sperm to initiate a life.
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