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How Do Organisms Reproduce?

- Having a hard time to remember? Go through the section and get the know-how of topics at your finger tips
Trace the journey of sperms in the human male reproductive system through the given video and the GIF that follows.
Pathway of Sperm
2 mins
Development in human beings is marked by the formation of a single cell called zygote by the process of fertilisation. But how is this zygote formed? Go through the GIF for quick reference.
The zygote formed by fertilisation undergoes a lot of changes to form the embryo. Catch a sneak peek into the GIF given below to understand the embryo development.
Ever realised what would happen to an unfertilised egg? Well, the fate of unfertilised egg lies in getting removed during menstruation. How? Go through the video below and get the know-how.
The Menstrual Cycle
3 mins