Real Life Applications
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How Do Organisms Reproduce?

- Do you want to know how the things you study are useful in the real world. Let's explore.
In-vitro Fertilization
We know reproduction is important for the survival of all living things. Without reproduction, the life would come to an end. Women have this blessing of giving birth to a new life. However, some women are unable to conceive through natural or unassisted methods and have to undergo fertility treatment called IVF to conceive. Let's know how this treatment works.
In Vitro Fertilization | Santa Monica Fertility
4 mins
Vegetative Propagation
Plants grow from seeds. But did you know that there are other methods also for growing plants. Explore the video for this information.
how to propagate strawberries from runners
4 mins
Artificial Pollination
Pollination is the first step towards fertilisation. It involves transfer of male gametes to the female reproductive part of flower. It usually occurs through natural agents. But it can also be accomplished artificially. Check out the video for know how on artificial pollination.
Controlled pollination - emasculation, tagging and bagging.
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