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Classification of Hydrides
There are different kinds of hydrides - covalent, ionic and metallic. Covalent hydrides are classified further into electron deficient, electron precise and electron rich. It can be tough to remember the differences between these hydrides unless you understand their structures correctly. Watch this video to understand the different hydrides and their properties.
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It's time for some questions:
Elements of which of the following groups do not form hydrides?
Non-stoichiometric hydrides are produced by:
palladium, vanadium
manganese, lithium
nitrogen, fluorine
carbon, nickel
Properties of Water
Water has many unique properties which makes it a very important participant in chemical reactions. These properties include its amphoteric nature, its high dielectric constant, and the ability to form hydrates. If you are finding it difficult to learn these different properties and to understand their significance, here's a video that can help:
Chemical Properties of Water
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Additionally, there are structural differences between liquid water and ice at the molecular level which is of ecological importance. When water freezes, the ice crystallises into a hexagonal form, leaving a lot of space inside the structure. This is why ice is less dense and floats on water.
3D molecular visualisation - Water turning into ice
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To understand the ecological significance of the ice floating on water, watch this video:
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Hardness of Water
There are two types of water, hard and soft. Hardness of water is further divided into temporary and permanent hardness. There are various causes behind these different types of water, because of which their properties are also different. Here's a comparative way to learn them so they are easier to remember.
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For more clarification on hard and soft water, go through these stories:
Hard and Soft Water
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Simple Experiments Based on Hard Water and Soft Water
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