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Magnetism And Matter

- Let us decode the pattern of problems
Pattern: Determination of Earth's magnetic field at a point
Description: To describe the magnetic field of the earth at a point on its surface, we need to specify three quantities, the magnetic declination, angle of dip or inclination and the horizontal component of the earth's field. Questions based the elements of earth's magnetic field are one of the most asked questions, so do not miss these questions
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Pattern: Determination of magnetization and magnetic intensity
Description: Total magnetic field(B) at a region is determined by the magnetic intensity(H) and the magnetization(M) of the medium. Questions based on finding B, M and H and the relation() between them are very significant to the exams.
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Pattern: Field due of bar magnets in various configurations
Description: The bar magnet is simply a magnetic dipole and field due to the dipole can be determined the same way we determine field due to an electric dipole. Questions based on finding net magnetic field due to several magnetic dipoles placed in a certain configuration are extremely relevant problems for competitive exams.
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Pattern: Classification of materials into paramagnetic, diamagnetic and ferromagnetic materials
Description:Magnetic Materials can be classified based on their the extent they are magnetized by an external magnetic field. The difference in magnetization and the direction of magnetization depends upon the susceptibility and the permeability of the medium. Questions based on such classification are often asked in small answer type questions.
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Pattern: Determination of neutral points of a bar magnet
Description: At the neutral points of a bar magnet, the field due to a bar magnet vanishes. The location of neutral points depends on the orientation of the bar magnet with respect to the earth's field and nearby magnets. Questions based on this pattern are often asked in HOTS type questions
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