Patterns of problems
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Motion In A Plane

- It is always better to be prepared. Practice the kind of problems asked in various exams
Problems based on Scalar and vector
  1. Questions on finding scalar and vector quantities.
  2. Finding magnitude or direction of vector quantities.
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Mathematical operations on vectors
  1. Questions based on addition, subtraction of vectors using triangle law, polygon law, parallelogram law, multiplication of vector with scalar quantity.
  2. Angle between two vectors.
  3. Resolution of vectors.
  4. Finding resultant of two or many vectors in rectangular coordinate.
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Motion in a plane
  1. Finding instantaneous and average velocity, acceleration when displacement is given 2 D or 3 D.
  2. Motion with constant acceleration in 2 Dimension.
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Relative velocity in 2D Questions based on finding relative position, relative velocity, relative acceleration in 2 Dimension, e.g, Rain umbrella problems, river boat problems.
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Projectile motion on horizontal plane
Questions based on finding Time of flight, Maximum height, Horizontal range, Maximum range, angle of projection and trajectory equation.
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Projectile motion on an inclined plane
Questions based on finding Time of flight, Range on the plane and trajectory equation of projectile motion on inclined plane.
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Uniform Circular Motion
  1. Questions based on calculating angular displacement, angular velocity, angular acceleration.
  2. Questions based on centripetal acceleration.
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