Problem solving tips
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Motion In A Straight Line

- Want to score better marks in exams? Have a look at some problem solving tips.
Tip 1:
Problem related to use of kinematic equations
  • The first point to be careful is to find out the given data in the question. Few data like initial velocity etc. are not given directly rather they are hidden in statement like object being at rest.
  • The second important point is to find out what are the quantities that are required to be determined.
  • Now we need to use the appropriate equations to obtain the required parameter and conclude the solution.
Let's practice some questions:
Tip 2:
Problem based on free fall of a body or motion under gravity in one-dimension
Motion of a body under the action of acceleration due to gravity has few points to be considered universally.
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These data are not mentioned in the given problem but they are always silently present in the question. Therefore, its necessary to pull out and remember these data to make the problem easy.
Tip 3:
Problem based on relative velocity between two bodies in straight line motion.
  • When two bodies move simultaneously, there occurs a relative motion between them. The relative motion is totally dependent on the frame of reference.
  • If the observer is on the ground, then both the bodies can be seen moving at their individual speed but as soon as the observer come in the frame of moving body, the case changes.
  • While solving the problems based on it, first of all consider that the body on which the observer is present, comes to rest.
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Tip 4:
Problem based on graphs of different parameter:
The few parameters of a graph can be determined in a very easy manner. For ex: The slope of a graph gives various information and slope is obtained as of the particular data.
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The increasing and decreasing nature of the slopes also predict about the increasing or decreasing velocity. If the slope for a particular graph is constant then the graph is said to have constant value of that particular parameter.