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Motion In A Straight Line

- Are you finding the topics tough ? Here is the extremely simple explanation!
To understand about the acceleration of body under motion and the factors that lead to the change in acceleration.
Physics - What is Acceleration | Motion | Velocity | Don't Memorise
5 mins
Simplify and understand the use of the various kinematic equations in one dimension.
Kinematics Part 1: Horizontal Motion
7 mins
The application of the kinematic equations in the motion of a body in vertical direction is a slight tricky thing. We need to consider a few parameters for all the points during the motion. They can be understood easily in the video added below.
Kinematics Part 2: Vertical Motion
8 mins
To understand the relative motion, the best example is to consider the motion of the two cars. This motion is well-explained in the video added below:
Class 11 | Physics | Relative Velocity | Motion in a Straight Line | Home Revise
6 mins