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Mass Defect & Binding Energy Explained
You have learnt that the mass of a nucleus is less than the sum of the individual masses of the nucleons it contains. This anomaly is what we call the mass defect. But what causes this anomaly? Let us try to understand.
Binding Energy per Nucleon
7 mins
Alpha, Beta and Gamma Radiation
Radioactive elements may follow several decay schemes and they keep emitting radiations till the nucleus is stable. Let us understand the differences between the radiations emitted by these visualisations.
Radioactivity | Alpha,beta and gamma rays | Explained | 3D animation | Uranium rays |
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Nuclear Fission
Elements of mass number more than 170 are considered to be unstable and are likely to undergo fission reaction. Let us understand the fission of U-235.
Nuclear fission
5 mins
Nuclear Fusion in the Sun
The energy released in the sun is due to fusion of Hydrogen to form helium. However it is a multi-step process, called the proton-proton cycle. Check out this video understand energy production in the sun in a little more detail.
How the Sun Shines: The Nuclear Reactions that Power the Sun
10 mins