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Nuclear Stability and Radioactivity Explained
The phenomenon of spontaneous emission of highly penetrating radiations such as , and rays by an element is called radioactivity and the substances which emit these radiations are called radioactive elements. Check out this amazing video and understand more.
Stable and Unstable Nuclei | Radioactivity | Physics | FuseSchool
5 mins
Radioactive Decay Law
We have learnt that radioactive nuclei spontaneously decay by emitting radiation, which means in a radioactive sample the number of active nuclei keeps decreasing gradually. Let us try to understand how a radioactive sample decays statistically.
Radioactive Decay Law and Decay Constant
7 mins
Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear reactors are the heart of a nuclear power plant where controlled nuclear chain reactions are carried out for nuclear fission. The heat generated from these reactions is then used to generate electricity. Let us understand how such massive energy released from nuclear fission is controlled and tapped through a reactor.
Nuclear Reactor - Understanding how it works | Physics Elearnin
5 mins