Memorization tricks
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Photosynthesis In Higher Plants

- Having a hard time to remember? Go through the section and get the know-how of topics at your finger tips!
Calvin Cycle on your Fingertips!!!!
Are you afraid of Calvin cycle? Well, you won't be now. Check out this video and then the gif from which you can learn the steps of Calvin cycle, then the intermediate products formed and also the number of carbon in each compound formed.
Calvin cycle tricks to remember | Calvin cycle made easy in 5 minutes
7 mins
All About Light Reaction!!!!
Want to have a consolidated information about light reaction? Well, study the given GIF carefully and learn all the components, molecules, processes of light reaction. You will also learn in which part of the chloroplast and in which direction the processes occur.
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Difference Between , and CAM Pathway In One Go!!!
Well, we have studied about the three types on plants on the basis of different processes of dark reactions in plants. Below is a perfect GIF that can help you memorize the main differences between these three.
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Learning Pathway in Few Minutes
The most complex pathway is the pathway. Learning it is bit complex. Given below is a video that will show you the step by step components of the pathway which will help in learning the pathway in a more efficient way.
C4 Pathway
3 mins