Real Life Applications
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Plant Kingdom

- Do you want to know how the things you study are applied in the real world. Let us explore.
Economic Importance of Algae
We have often seen algae floating on pond water and felt that it is gross. It is also said that it may be toxic and consumption of such water is not recommended. Even after this, do you know that we obtain a lot of useful things from them? For example, consider the jellies that you eat or the protein supplements consumed by body builders or even cosmetics. Not just that! Interestingly, they are utilized for making biofuel too, that can help solve the problem of fuel crunch. Let us watch a video and see what they can help us with.
The Amazing Uses of RED MICROALGAE
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Uses of Bryophytes
Bryophytes have very less economic importance, they can serve as food for other creatures. Apart from that, they can also serve as a source for biofuel and present soil erosion as they act as soil binders. Check out this video to know the uses of bryophytes.
Bryophytes and Their Uses
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Mosses Against Air Pollution
Mosses act as bioindicators for air pollution. Mosses contain spores from which new plants may be grown and hence they can easily be cultivated in laboratory with the help of bioreactors. These mosses, specifically peat moss can help detect nitrogen and sulphur oxides and also heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, etc. the detection of which with the existing technologies is either not that efficient or expensive. Check out the given video to find out how mosses work as pollution indicators.
Biotechnology to fight air pollution - futuris
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Importance of Gymnosperms
Gymnosperms can act as source of several foods like sago starch and pine nuts. These are also used to obtain resin, terpentine and some are used for making medicinal drugs too. Check out this video to know more.
Economic importance of gymnosperms
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Indoor Plants Act as Air Purifiers
We have often heard that it is good to keep plants inside the house. Is there any reason for it or is it just for ornamental purpose? Well, the indoor plants act as air purifiers and can help us get rid of VOCs. These are often released by paints, furniture, dry cleaned clothes, etc. and can prove to be harmful for health in the long run. Check out these videos and find out how these indoor plants are helpful.
Reducing Indoor Air Pollution With Houseplants - Headline Science
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A NASA study explains how to purify air with house plants
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