Difficult Questions
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Ray Optics And Optical Instruments

- Are you well prepared? Practice hard questions to be more confident about the chapter
The apparent depth of an object through layers of multiple media depends upon the refractive indices of the media and their thickness. Figure out the situation with a real world problem.
Total internal reflection occurs when the light rays travel from a more dense medium into a less dense medium (i.e. glass to air) and also the angle of incidence must be greater than the critical angle. Let's solve a question and learn how it works.
When we place an object in front of a compound microscope a linear, angular and total magnification produced by a compound microscope. Try to understand this with a problem.
When we see an object with the help of telescope its magnified and resolved image is seen by us. It is completely depends upon the resolving power of the telescope. Let's see a problem and learn how it works.