Patterns of problems
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Ray Optics And Optical Instruments

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Pattern: Finding changes in speed of light.
Description:Whenever there is a change in medium of propagation, light changes its speed. The speed of light in any medium can be determined using Snell's Law.
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Pattern: Predicting whether total internal reflection will take place or not.
Description:Questions are asked about finding the path of light of light after refraction at the interface of a prism. We are asked to trace the path of light. But first we have to determine whether it is a case of TIR or not.
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Pattern: Refraction at curved surfaces.
Description:Questions maybe asked about the image distance, object distance, refractive index and radius of curvature. All these can be directly obtained using the formula for spherical surfaces.
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Pattern: Finding the parameters of a lens.
Description: The parameters of a lens can be asked where we have to find either its refractive index, radii of curvature or focal length when the others are given. This can be solved using lens maker's formula.
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Pattern: Based on angle of minimum deviation of a prism.
Description: The angle of minimum deviation of a prism depends on angle of incidence, angle of prism and the relative refractive index of the prism. Questions maybe asked to determine the changes in one parameter when the others are changed.
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Pattern: Magnification in optical instruments.
Description:Optical instruments use spherical lenses or their combination. So the magnification produced by them is asked.
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