Real Life Applications
3 min read

Structure Of Atom

- Do you want to know how the things you study are applied in the real world. Let's explore.
Quantum Technology in our Everyday Life
Our understanding of quantum mechanics has made many things possible like the super powerful computers that can do billions and trillions of calculations at the same time. You can watch this super interesting video to learn more about the power of quantum.
The Quantum Technology in Your Pocket
6 mins
The World of Atoms
We have heard it often that everything is made up of matter. But are you curious to zoom into the world of matter and discover hidden truths? If yes, then here is a video for you!
Voyage into the world of atoms
3 mins
Glowing Objects and Black body Radiation
Watch this fun video by Physics girl who talks about how objects glow and the theory of black body radiation.
7 mins